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V.I.P 4.25 BP Arcade Vehicle System 4.24 + 4.25

Arcade Vehicle System
Версия Unreal Engine
Do you want to make a driving or racing game but would rather concentrate on gameplay instead of spending days tuning complex physics parameters?
Do you want to quickly add driving logic to an already existing game?

ArcadeVS is a C++ physics vehicle system that's super fast to setup, easy to configure and makes fun to drive vehicles!

New v1.1 Update Demo Video:
Youtube Demo Video:
Documentation, Demo Project and PC Demo Version: poyoworks.github.io/ArcadeVS_DemoProject/

Clean and well commented C++ code.
Online documentation with tutorials.
Full Demo Project with Racing game logic (checkpoints/laps/time), UI screens and Gamepad support.
Technical Details
  • Full Vehicle System logic in C++ for high performances
  • RayCast Suspension system with compression, damping and adherence tuning
  • Acceleration, braking and reverse, turning
  • Customizable drifting mechanic
  • Jumps!
  • In air stabilization setting for either roll overs or arcade like super stabibility
  • Center of mass offset, adherence force offset and many other nice parameters
  • Blueprints API, events for all state changes. Accelerate Start/Stop, Can Drift, Drift Start/Stop, etc.
  • All vehicle state values and forces exposed to Blueprints
  • All functions can be overriden in C++, easily add your own logic or change the default one

  • Sports Vehicle, suspensions animations, tilt and roll movements, realistic settings.
  • Kart Vehicle (2 presets), fully textured mesh with materials, VFXs, Blueprint animations. Super stable with infinite drifting!
  • Test Vehicle with regular vehicle default settings. Simply replace the vehicle mesh and you're ready to go!
  • 2 Skeletal Mesh Animation Blueprints, handle suspension compression, wheels direction and rotation, Tilt / Roll and drift movement.
  • 1 Player Controller class
First release
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