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Coin 5.3 AI ‌‌‍‍‎ Animal Behavior Kit Pro (02.2024)

Animal Behavior Kit Pro
Версия Unreal Engine


Animals have several roaming and engage (aggressive) behaviors. They search for food and water (Need System), look for mates (Breeding system), and go to a home location at night to rest (Day / Nigh Cycle). They can also die from hunger or thirst, or simply from getting old. They can form groups and act together against threats or simply run away. Ground animals can also be tamed and commanded by Players with a flexible Taming System!

The kit comes with an AI Director that lets you easily setup events triggered by Players to create cut-scenes or show Players something specific. You can also use this to spawn bosses after certain conditions are met. The kit also comes with a fully-featured Population Control BP. This system allows you to specify a range of animals per species and the system will keep the population within the ranges by spawning more animals or killing animals. You can also use individual Animal Spawners to control when certain animals appear in your level.

The kit also comes with birds and fish that can navigate solo or as groups. These animals are very light on performance and are meant to add life to your levels.

ABK is designed to work with any animal - easily add your custom mesh and animations!
All major systems are actor components, making the behaviors modular
All functionality is MP-ready and the kit has a proximity system to disable animals that are far from the Players
Technical Details
Roaming Behaviors - Idle, Random Location in NavMesh, Random Location in Bounds, Random WayPoint, Follow Path, Go to nearby POI, Go to Homebase
Engage Behaviors - Flee, Hide, Defend, Attack

Major systems Included:
  • Day/Night Cycle (Active / Rest behavior)
  • Taming System
  • Need System (Hunger / Thirst)
  • Custom Need System
  • Group Behavior
  • Breeding System
  • Grow Old
  • Natural Death
  • Spawn Loot
  • Decay System
  • Full Population Control per species
  • Auto Group Manager

Number of core Blueprints: 74
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Platforms: Win/Mac/Linux
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