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Free Props AmmoboxStudios's Prop Vehicle Pack N/A

AmmoboxStudios's Prop Vehicle Pack
Версия Unreal Engine
UPDATE 2019 : We have decided to drop the price of this pack in line with the age and quality of the product. This pack is developed 2 years ago. From 2019 May onwards, it will be sold at 49.99.

A pack of highly detailed abandoned vehicle that allows multiple level of customization.

Open / Close / Remove individual parts of the car that includes door , trunk , hood , glass.
Customize paint color, dust intensity and rust amount. Vehicle is provided as blueprint to be placed in-game immediately.

Q: Is the glass transparent
A: The glass is SSS-enabled but not translucent. We avoid performance heavy translucent shaders when possible, if needed it can be modified since the glass is a separate material id.

Q: Is the vehicle drivable?
A: No it is not.

Q: Do they have physics?
A: No they don't.

Q: Can I add my own vehicle?
A: Yes you can. Blueprint logic is created at one base class and extended to 3 separate vehicles. You can add your own, but the process involves some planning during modeling and texturing. You will also need to provide a Rust/Dust/PaintedArea mask. Documentation is not provided but feel free to ask for support in our official FB page.
Technical Details
Total Vehicles : 3
Wheel Type ( inter-changable) : 3

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Textures Size: 4096*4096 ( mask / linear maps are biased by 1 mipmap level for optimisation )
Albedo, NormalMap, RMS ( packed Roughness/Metallic/Specular), Special Mask to identify paintable area , rust and dust.

Collision: Yes
Polycount : Approximately 15000-18000 triangles
LODs: No Number of Meshes: 31
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 20
Number of Textures: 50 ( including showcase environment )
Intended Platform: PC
Platforms Tested: PC
Documentation Included: No
First release
Last update
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