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Advanced RPG Combat Template
Версия Unreal Engine

Magic System ~
Two Magic Types: Frost, Fire. Frost spells can slow, freeze enemies.
Skill System ~ Four types of skills: Target, placement, AoE, Buffs.
New Widgets ~ Customizable action bar, skill menu with three skill trees, and skill book, pickup widget.
Ranged Weapons System ~ Two Weapon types (bow,crossbow) , with aiming, strafing, real time arrow drawing, real time string drawing and firing, real arrow projectiles, Ranged AI, and so on..
Targeting System ~ Distance check, Line Of Sight check, Target swapping, target highlighting, 3D Healthbar drawing, character rotation towards targets, player,ai targeting and more.
Rolls/Dodges System ~ Rolling when not targeting any actors, and dodging in 4 directions while focusing on a target.
Drop/Pickup Weapons ~ Weapon pickup actors based on one master BP, melee,ranged weapon dropping System
Dual Wield Fighting ~ can equip weapons in off-hand too! Dual Wield animations included!
Shield System ~ shields can reduce incoming damage while blocking more than weapons. With bonus shield anims!
Complex AI System~ 1 AI master actor with 3 Child classes (Templar, Guard, Mercenary) The AI has built in targeting, attacking, dodging, strafing, blocking functions, with customizable weapons, types.
Multiplayer Networked~ The project is networked properly, all clients see exactly the same as the server, and vice versa. Players can cause damage, and kill other players too.
And many more~ Two more atttack styles,Critical hit system, Combat VFX, Magic Skills VFX, Faction Sysem, many many more.
Technical Details
Downloadable Demo: - Skill tree showcase videos not working in demo, because of localization.
Showcase Video:
Magic Sytem Showcase Video:
v4 Showcase Video:
Input: See everything in the product folder/controls.txt
Controller Supported: No
Network Replicated: Yes
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