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V.I.P 4.25 BP Advanced LightActor Systems 4.25

Advanced LightActor Systems
Версия Unreal Engine
There isn't enough space to showcase all systems in the product. Check the documentation for a full showcase and explanation in more than 6000 words with pictures about the enourmous amounts of systems implemented in the product.

General Systems (works in all Light Actors):
MULTIPLAYER READY~ Everything is replicated and multiplayer ready!
Light Flickering~ If a player aims any LightActor at an actor that has the "LightFlicker" tag added to him, the system starts flickering the light.
Pickups~ Relevant pickup actors for all LightActor Types and Battery Types.
Holstering / Hiding ~ holstering the light actor the system can completely hide the actor out of the game, or just holster it

Light Actor Relevant Systems:
Flashlight Blinding System ~ Aiming flashlight at players makes them blinded.
Flashlight Intensity Switching System ~ Switch between 3 intensity levels.
Dynamic Battery Draining System ~ The higher the intensity, the faster the battery of the flashlight drains down to 0.
Lantern Physics Swinging ~ Swinging back and forth on the X axis.
Camera NightVision ~ Night Vision functionality, with customizable settings.
Camera Recording and photo creation ~ Recording enables interactions in the world. E.G if something is recorded, start an event.
Camera aiming w/ two variations ~ Fullscreen aiming or a "Real-time" aiming where the player's view only zooms in to the camera's screen.
Camera Screen widget ~ battery power, battery counter, zoom levels, recording text, time passed since recording, camera focus, and more.
Camera Battery Drain System ~ More functions turned on, faster battery draining.
Technical Details
Input: See documentation, or press "TAB" or "Dpad LEFT" in demo to see related controls.
Network Replicated: YES!
Supported Development Platforms: PC, XBOX ONE, PS4
Documentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15o43785ZdL6B_IuYneUA31A66PE_n-mY/view?usp=sharing
Showcase Trailer:
Downloadable Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h5JCpV4vMCbbmNR8o7b7qe372QmemxqN/view?usp=sharing
Forum Thread: https://forums.unrealengine.com/unr...dvanced-lightactor-systems-marketplace-thread
Meshes: 1 lantern mesh, 2 camera meshes, 1 torch mesh, and 1 flashlight mesh.
Important/Additional Notes:
The product contains over 180 animations, including idle,walk and run cycles and 9D AimOffsets with CC,CU,CD,LC,LU,LD,RC,RU,RD animations for all LightActors.
The project can be used as a base, or migrated into any existing project. Perfect for beginners. Everything is clearly explained, commented to create the best learning experience for new unreal devs.
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