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V.I.P 4.25 BP Advanced Inventory And Weapon System 4.25

Advanced Inventory And Weapon System
Версия Unreal Engine

Showcase Video - Tutorials - Playable Demo - Join To Discord Channel

System has been completely changed. All component based and easy to integrate with other assets. Now using data tables for items and there are more than 100 variables to create a single item. It has full functional weapon system. UMG is completely changed. Also UI has tons of good looking animations.

Completely replicated and ready to plug and play.
Technical Details
  • Only one component and one event that you need to call in your character BP. And the integration part will be done.
  • You can use only one Data Table for all of your in-game items. Each item can be customized specifically.
  • Class based ammunition system. Each of your weapons can have different ammunition types.
  • Single, Burst and Auto Fire modes. Also different recoil settings for each standing, aiming and moving states.
  • It has an advanced healing system which you can use as energy or directly for the health. Energy increases walk speed (optional).
  • Each item can be adjusted for the inventory space that will take. Also you can increase your inventory space by wearing backpacks in game.
  • It has also an advanced damage system based on Head/Upper Body/Lower Body.
  • You can change the colors of the items if you like (Check screenshots and showcase video)
  • Weapon equip/swap system. Also slot based key bindings like 1 key for rifle or 3 key for pistol etc.
  • There are more features that it has, but not enough space to write everything. Please try the playable demo to see what it's actualy offers :)

Input: Keyboard
Network Replicated: YES
Supported Development Platforms:
Supported Target Build Platforms: All
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