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V.I.P 4.25 BP 64 HDRi pack background tool 4.25

64 HDRi pack background tool
Версия Unreal Engine

This pack includes 64 HDR high-quality 4k images and an advanced HDR background tool, allowing you to create fast and high-detailed drag&drop backgrounds, with powerful and adjustable settings included with the HDRi tool.

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And if you have any doubt, feel free to ask me through the forum thread.

Technical Details
  • Non-blurry, 64 high-quality 4k HDR images.
  • Drag&drop tool. No need to install any plugin (vs UE4 Backdrop).
  • Compatible with Ray Tracing, with non-ray-tracing Movable lights and even with backed Static lighting and shadows.
  • Fully compatible with RT Global Illumination (vs UE4 Backdrop).
  • You can use your own SkyLight in your scene (vs UE4 Backdrop).
  • Link the tool with your Sky, to align the background image with the light source of the sky and with its angle with only one clic.
  • From UE4.22, an Editor Widget has been included to automatically update the background if you change the Sky's cubemap image, or if you rotate it.
  • Link the tool with Reflection Capture probes, to chek if they are using the same cubemap than the Sky and with the same angle, and get an alert if something doesn't coincide.
  • Settings to manually adjust the HDRi appearance, if needed.

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